11 Suits We Would Wear Right Out of Harry Styles's Dry-Cleaning Basket

11 Suits We Would Wear Right Out of Harry Styles’s Dry-Cleaning Basket

Harry Styles has been serving looks for years now, and every year, he seems to settle into his style just a little bit more. One fashion piece he’s become known for, especially since starting his solo career, is a great suit. He wore a wide variety of suits while on his first tour in 2017 and 2018, many of them custom and many of them Gucci. His suits run the gamut from bold colors and patterns to classic and well-fitted. While it’s hard to pin down a definitive list of Harry’s absolute best suits ever, we did narrow it down to 11 from the past five years that we really, really love. Take a scroll through the gallery to see them all.

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