4 of the Best Sunscreens For Your Head and Scalp, According to Dermatologists

4 of the Best Sunscreens For Your Head and Scalp, According to Dermatologists

Broken record or not, here is the truth: wearing sun protection is the most important thing you can do for your skin — not just during the summer months or when you’re spending an extended amount of time at the beach, but on a consistent basis. Applying SPF to your face, neck, and body is one thing, but did you know that it’s also important to protect your head and scalp from the sun as well?

“This area is often overlooked and neglected, and we see a fair amount of skin cancer on the scalp,” New York City-based dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD, told POPSUGAR. Although the hair on your head can provide some protection from the sun’s harmful rays, it doesn’t act as a complete shield, and without even a little SPF on the area, you’re still at risk of getting sunburnt or worse. This is especially true for those with thin hair or bald spots.

“The scalp is just as vulnerable to skin cancer as any other part of the body,” board-certified anesthesiologist Azza Halim, MD said. “The scalp skin being thinner and more vascular, especially as we age, scalp cancer can spread more readily and become more fatal as it can spread to the brain.”

That said, putting any old sunscreen on your scalp might not be the best idea either, as the wrong kind is likely to make your hair feel heavy or oily. That’s why, ahead, Dr. Halim and Dr. Peredo are taking us through a few of their favorite sunscreens to apply to the head and scalp. Keep reading to see a few of their picks.

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