Bloke claims he can outsmart an arcade machine & guarantee a prize EVERY time – but not everyone’s convinced – The Sun

EVER spent a small fortune trying to win a prize in an arcade?

However, one man on TikTok claims to have cracked the code to winning at any claw machine.

In the video clip, the TikTok user tells the camera how to set the machine into 'maintenance code mode'.

He begins the tutorial by holding the joystick making circular motions in an anticlockwise direction for a few seconds.

Talking through his actions as he speaks, the TikToks user then moves the stick up three times, down three times, left and right twice and finally up and down again.

He then hits the control button three times, which he claims will put the machine into 'maintenance mode,' which is 'for the workers to test it.'

Once you have inserted money, the man recommends lining up your prize and then holding down the selection button.

In the tutorial video, he appears to have been successful in sneakily securing a prize.

A number of TikTok users have posted their own videos, trying out the savvy hack and claiming to  have been successful in winning arcade loot.

But others have commented saying that their attempts at using the hack didn't work.

The original poster claims that you still have to insert money in order to complete the trick, which has cast doubt over the legitimacy of his video.


One person commented: "This only works on SOME older machines it doesn’t work on all of them because the newer ones can be tested using codes accessed from a computer."

Another said: This is a 'win every time' crane! it's not true. Maintenance mode is accessed through the computer inside the machine."

Some users asked why he chose such an easy to access toy as his prize.

"You picked literally the easiest prize in the machine. Maybe people would believe you if you picked something harder the win," one person wrote.

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