Bride fears looking like a ‘sausage roll’ in her wedding gown so makes sister swear to be honest on Say Yes To The Dress

A BRIDE-to-be fears ‘looking like a sausage roll’ in her wedding dress after admitting she’s self-conscious about her weight. 

Candice is the latest bride to appear on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress Lancanshire, and it’s finally her turn to tie the knot after being a bridesmaid seven times in the last five years. 

She tells Gok Wan: “I like a classy, glamorous style. I kind of want to feel a bit sexy and confident too. 

“I also want to lose weight, a couple of stone.” 

Since losing her mum four years ago, Candice lost a lot of confidence admitting she feels ‘frumpy’ about certain areas of her body. 

She’s brought along some pals and sister Sherrelle for moral support, with her sibling admitting: “Candice definitely needs to be pointed in the right direction, because if it was left to her she’d be looking like a sack of spuds.”

Sherrelle adds that 5ft Candice should stay away from tight frocks as they “won’t do you any favours”. 

Gok sets about trying to find the perfect dress for Candice, starting with a simple, classy gown with a low-cut neckline – despite her fears over flashing too much flesh.

But after seeing herself in the dress, Candice’s opinion changes. 

She tells Gok: “I just look so different to what I thought I would.

“That’s really given me hope, and I think I would have the confidence for other people to see me in this dress.”

And it even gets the thumbs up from Sherrelle, who says: “It really slims you in.

“There is no meat poking out of the pastry!” 

Candice explains to Gok she made her sister promise to tell her truth about how she looks, explaining: “She was like, ‘if you look like a sausage roll I will be telling you straight away.’”

While Gok chips in: “You definitely don’t look like a sausage roll, you look like a French fancy, I would say!”

The stylist tells Candice that she doesn’t need to lose any weight to look and feel good, saying: “If you lost two or three stone, it wouldn’t look like this.

“This is perfect, this is the body that’s getting married, because this is the body that holds the heart and holds the body and holds the soul. 

“This doesn’t need to change. You need to change what you see inside your brain, that’s all it is.” 

After they both shed a tear over Gok’s moving speech, next he selects an even more daring gown – one with spaghetti straps. 

Despite initially wanting a dress which covered her arms, Candice loves the more revealing frock even more than the first.

She says: “Oh wow. I absolutely love it. I never thought I’d look like this up here. This is where I always feel frumpy.

"It’s not freaking me out like I thought it would!

“I love this one more than I do the first one. I’d never ever thought that I could wear these spaghetti straps. 

“Even though I’ve got more on show, I feel much more confident and sexy!” 

Buoyed by her confidence, Gok chooses a dress with Bardot sleeves and a Mikado skirt as the third option – and it’s the winning look for Candice.

Candice, who’s marrying fiance Jordan, says yes to the dress, adding: “Oh, I love it.

“I can’t believe this dress has had this effect on me.”

Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire airs at 9pm on Fridays on TLC.

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