Cleaning fan gets sweat & dirt covered sandals looking good as new with easy hack

FEEL like your summer sandals are looking a little worse for wear? Then one cleaning fan may have the answer when it comes to restoring your favourite pair with their easy hack.

Say goodbye to foot marks inside your sandals, as this quick and simple trick easily removes any sweat and dirt build-up – leaving your shoes looking as good as new.

TikTok user @jottiesjournal was seen digging out her summer sandals in order to restore them to their former glory for when the sun decides to show.

Dirty marks were visible inside the sandal from previous wear, but Jottie revealed how to remove the stubborn stains with a how-to video she shared online.

To do so, she swears by white vinegar spray and is seen using Stardrops White Vinegar Multi-surface Cleaner that can be snapped up from Amazon for £3.40 a bottle.

First, she covers the sandal with the white vinegar spray, before dousing a cloth in the same solution and scrubbing away at the marks on her shoe.

Revealing how much dirt comes away, Jottie showed the residue the cloth picked up and advises those watching to "repeat the process if necessary" in order to remove all the dirt.

Comparing the sandal she had cleaned to the other that was still in need of some TLC, Jottie pointed out the difference between the two, with the clean sandal looking practically brand new again.

Since posting, thousands have watched her video and plenty of people have commented, impressed with how well the cleaning hack had worked.

"Woah that's brilliant," posted one person, while another said: "Amazing results."

A third was curious to know if the shoe would smell after using vinegar, as they commented: "Does the shoes smell of the vinegar once it drys out? (sic)"

Jottie revealed: "No once it's completely dry the smell goes. It actually neutralises any odours too."

Others were keen to try for themselves, with one cleaning fan posting: "Need to do this!! Thanks for a great tip."

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