Converse sells shoes made to look dirty for £70

If you’ve ever owned a pair of Converse, you probably know they look better when they’ve been worn in a little.

But Converse is selling shoes that are made to look dirty – and they cost from £70.

The description for the Chuck Taylor All Star basic wash on the website explains: ‘Classic Chuck features get an aged makeover in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Smoke Low Top sneaker.

‘Skip the break-in period. A dirty wash treatment gives these classic Chucks a vintage look, straight out of the box.’

Available in grey or navy, the shoes have a muddy wash over the rim and the canvas material, making them look like you’ve been wearing them for years, rather than taking them straight out of the box.

Even the laces are covered in grey marks for that authentic feel.

The dirty look costs £18 more than the classic All Star shoes in the same colours.

The shoes were released by the brand last month but spotted by journalist Micha Frazer-Carroll on Twitter.

She added: ‘The worst part is that they are actually about double the amount of dirty you’d ever want ur converse to be.’

You can also get a pair of high top classic shoes in grey or black with the same wash for £85 – £28 more than the classic non-wash version.

The wash can also be applied to the Chuck 70 shoes, and will cost a total of £85 for the low top shoes or £90 for the high top version, compared to £70 for the classic version of the Chuck 70 low top and £75 for the classic Chuck 70 High Top.

If you don’t have the patience to wear your shoes through the breaking in phase, this might be the solution for you but if you want the same look for less, just find a very muddy puddle somewhere.

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