Disgusted shopper finds ‘spat out’ chewing gum in Boohoo parcel & spends ‘eternity’ scrubbing hands after touching it

A BOOHOO shopper was left horrified after discovering "spat out" chewing gum in her parcel – and said she spent an "eternity" scrubbing her hands after touching it.

When she received the parcel last week, Jess Bridgwood, from Newent, Gloucestershire, ripped open the packaging and accidentally brushed the "vile moist" wad of gum which she believes was spat out onto her shoebox.

The full-time mum Jess said she 'felt dirty' after touching the gooey substance and was fearful of potentially contracting COVID-19.

As a result, the 21-year-old then washed her £50 haul and disinfected the plastic packagaing before trying anything on.

She said: "I have young children and I'm just really aware of how deadly that virus is and it really scared me.

"Worst case scenario this person could have COVID and then transmit it to me through something as disgusting as that."

"Someone chewed it in their mouth and I don't know how else it would end up in your order unless they spat it in there.

"I don't know that person [responsible], for all I know they could have had a terrible cough. It's a health and safety risk."

Jess' fashion haul included a new pair of shorts, a t-shirt, trainers and some tracksuit bottoms for her fiancé Lee Hall.

When it arrived, Jess' parcel looked completely normal and correctly sealed.

She said: "I opened it and I put my finger in something that was wet and squealed while thinking 'oh goodness, what's that?'

"As soon as I opened it I saw it straight away, it was really disgusting. As it was sealed the chewing gum stayed moist, it made me feel sick.

"It makes you feel really dirty because you're doing your best, as everyone is at the moment, to stay super hygienic and keep away from germs.

"Then you have something that's come directly from someone else's mouth on your finger, it was just vile.

"Straight away I rushed to wash my hands for what seemed like an eternity, I was so paranoid about it all."

Even though she's been in contact with Boohoo's customer service over live chat, Jess says she's only been offered a £5 voucher.

Jess said: "I asked to speak to a manager because I wasn't happy with just £5 off, I wanted a proper apology. I was just really angry.

"Both times I asked to speak to someone higher they said 'ok one moment please' and the live chat would just cut off.

"I wanted them to really apologise, they weren't very concerned.

"Offering me a voucher made me quite angry because it felt like 'here you go now go away' instead of dealing with it properly.

"It's put me off shopping with Boohoo again in the future."

Boohoo has been contacted for comment.

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