Husband creates amazing quarantine home restaurant for his wife after all their date nights were cancelled

A DOTING husband created a ‘quarantine grill’ for his wife at home after all their date nights were cancelled. 

With all plans for the foreseeable future effectively scrapped, one man decided if he and his wife couldn’t go to a restaurant, he’d bring the restaurant home. 

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Going by the name Cheffrey on Twitter, he printed off a full menu and even rustled up a ‘reserved’ sign for his other half. 

He pulled out all the stops for their romantic night in, serving crab cakes, salmon, prawns and collard greens with strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

And in case his wife forgot who the chef was, he wrote at the bottom: “All dishes prepared by your husband.” 

He shared snaps of the mouth-watering meals online, saying: “Took my wife to Quarantine Grill.”

His date-night efforts have gone viral online, with more than 287,000 people liking his post. 

And it seems his wife is in for some more home-cooking, as he confirmed he was “fully stocked up”, adding: “I really do this cooking thing Quarantine grill 2.0 coming soon.”

Thousands of people have commented on his post online, with women asking their husbands to follow suit and cook them a meal. 

One person said: “I’m over here stocking up on dry goods and peanut butter for the apocalypse and this king serving crab cakes shrimp and red bass salmon… smh.”

Another thought: “Week later he gonna regret using all those ingredients as he’ll have nothing left.

A third commented: “Super romantic.”

This person added: “This is why I want to fall in love with a chef.”

Another praised: “You are clearly a stellar husband… Damn.”

While this woman asked: “Can you be my husband?”

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