I got a tattoo at 16 when I thought I'd always be thin – I regret the placement, now it’s hidden | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the reason why she regrets the placement of her tattoo years later.

The content creator explained that she assumed she would always be skinny when choosing where to get the ink.

TikTok user Jessica (@learningtolovejessica) explained that she got her tattoo at the age of 16.

The TikToker told her followers that she originally thought: "I will never regret the placement of this tattoo."

Jessica explained that her reasoning for this certainty was that she assumed "I will always be thin."

However, as the influencer got older, her body began to change as is natural.

The content creator gave her followers a glimpse of her butterfly tattoo, which she placed on her lower right hip.

In a throwback picture, a young and slim Jessica posed with her inking just visible over the waistband of her sweatpants.

The TikToker's toned midriff made for the perfect canvas for the tattoo.

However, Jessica is less confident about the placement of her tattoo now that she is pregnant.

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Posing in a bra and sweatpants, the influencer adjusted her waistband to show her followers the butterfly.

She also had to lift her baby bump to fully show the now-hidden tattoo.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the inking.

"I have a ladybug that grew to a tarantula in nine months," wrote one viewer.

Another follower said: "I have a butterfly AND tribal under my belly button. Two children later I have a pterodactyl."

"Note to self don't get anything near the stomach," commented a third person.

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