I know my gym outfits are inappropriately small but I don’t care – I’d rather die than cover up | The Sun

CHOOSING the ideal gym outfit is typically a matter of finding what makes you comfortable while exercising.

One woman received heated comments when she debuted her tiny workout shorts online, but when trolls criticized her clothing, she doubled down.

Kayla Sandell, 19, is a dedicated gymgoer, frequently posting updates during or after her workouts to TikTok.

In a majority of her videos, Sandell is wearing short shorts and a T-shirt or sports bra.

When she does wear leggings, they're usually paired with a cropped shirt that shows off her muscular abdomen.

Apparently, that's upset some people, and Sandell was driven to address the commentary in a short, playful clip.


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She used a viral sound clip from the TV show Bob's Burgers to make her point. As dialogue from the show played, a caption appeared.

"Stop wearing such small outfits to the gym," the caption read. "It's inappropriate."

The words synched up with a part of the sound clip that insisted "Take…it…off!"

Then, Sandell lip-synched to the second half of the clip – a different character responding, "I would rather die."

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For good measure, a smiling Sandell held up two loud, proud middle fingers.

"If you don’t like it don’t look at me," she wrote in the video description, making herself perfectly clear.

Viewers had mixed reactions. Some were supportive of Sandell's choice while others questioned her motives.

"Anything for attention," one person wrote, dismissing her.

"It's called being able to move so you don't physically die," another said, understanding Sandell's argument completely.

Others said it was fine for Sandell to dress how she wanted – as long as she didn't mind people's reactions.

"Don’t complain when people stare," one person warned her. "If you don’t then there’s no problems here."

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Men in the comments made it explicit that they would stare if they encountered Sandell in a gym environment.

"Girls like you are the reason I stay motivated and go to the gym five to seven times a week," one hopeful suitor wrote.

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