I live in a council house and trolls say I’m wasting my money doing it up – I want my pad to look great, no matter what | The Sun

WHETHER you live in a rented place, a home with a mortgage, or a council property, you want where you’re living to feel like a home, right? 

One woman has hit back at trolls that question her for spending money on her council home and has said that she is happy to spend money making it look good, as she wants to make it to look and feel amazing.

TikTok user ‘abitofme123’ has 22.4k followers and 1.2million likes on the social media platform and regularly takes to the app to show off her stunning home renovation videos. 

The woman has now revealed that she is fed up with people constantly asking her why she chooses to spend money on her home, when she doesn’t actually own it.

Along with MDF on the wall to look like panelling and a chic wire ceiling light, there are stylish black sofas and cream accessories everywhere.

The bedrooms are beautifully done and this mum has now hit back at those that question her home improvement decisions.

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The social media user recently uploaded a video to the video sharing platform, replying to a comment that read ‘Why would you even do up a council house it’s just burning money’.

She uploaded the clip with the caption ‘It’s not burning money, it’s called building a home’, as she showed off the rooms in her council home. 

The mother said: “When you move into a council house, there’s no paint on the walls, there’s nothing on the floor, it’s an empty shell, it’s not newly decorated like some private rentals, you don’t get nice plastic walls.

“You don’t get rooms like this without spending money and that is not burning money.

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“What if I never get a mortgage? What if this house is where I’m going to be for years to come?

“If I said I was never going to spend money on decorating this house, then we’d be living in an empty shell for the rest of my life.

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“That’s not burning money, it’s using your money wisely.

“I had to spend money on this house, as you can see, this was the wall in my living room, I had to spend money to do it up nicely, that’s not burning money, that’s making this house my home and regardless of what some people think, that’s what I’m going to do.

“I don’t have any regrets”. 

TikTok users quickly flooded to the comments in support of the woman and revealed that they too take pride in decorating their council homes. 

One person said: “Never understand these comments. Council tenancies are for life so long as rent is paid. Why wouldn’t you make it nice?” 

Another added: “Your house is beautiful and it’s simply that……YOURS no matter in which way you pay the bills and lock the door it’s your home”. 

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A third commented: “How is it burning money? It’s your home”. 

Someone else agreed: “I've spent thousands on my council house, I am the same, wanting to make my house my home”.

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