I rummaged through bins & nabbed £725 worth of fancy food – I got nearly 100 loaves of bread & nothing was out of date

A SELF-proclaimed "dumpster diver" has shown off her massive food haul after nabbing £725 worth of fancy food for FREE.

The American woman, who goes by the name Dumpster Diving Freegan on TikTok, rummaged through bins at her local Whole Foods store and found a range of bakery items, a case of baby food, and even loo roll which the store was throwing out.

She said everything was still packaged and unopened and nothing was past its used by date – and it was all just one day's worth of waste.

“This is everything that I found in one night at one location. There are nearly 100 loaves or packages of bread here,” she said in the clip, panning over the bread products.

“And the worst part is, none of this stuff was expired. Everything that I found was at least two days before its ‘best buy’ date and could have easily been donated, frozen, or given to people who needed it."


While she presumably kept some of the items, the woman claimed to have donated 90 percent of the items to a local food bank.

She was inspired to take a look after spotting a clip shared by a former Whole Foods employee who shared the amount of waste she was forced to throw out at the end of each day.

In a follow-up clip, the woman showed off even more items she'd pulled from the dumpster- including six unused, unopened packages of toilet paper.

There were also boxes of tea, bags of fruit and vegetables, and cheesecakes – and all were perfectly fine to eat.

Dumpster Diving Freegan looked up the prices of the items she found and estimates that the total cost of everything to be about $1,000 (USD), that's £725.

Whole Foods stocks mostely organic brands which come with some pretty hefty price tags.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the woman said: "The video was to show what kind of unnecessary waste is normal for grocery stores.

"Most grocery stores have the same kind of waste that is shown in the video I posted, but many are not able to donate because they do not have a non-profit that can pick up their donations."

Other TikTok users were shocked to learn just how much waster there was.

"Yes, good score lady. Freaking awesome," one person commented.

While many others explored the idea of "hitting one up" themselves to see what they can find.

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