I tried everything to remove water stains on my shower glass but NOTHING works better than the £3 buy under my sink | The Sun

ANYONE who owns a shower screen door will know they are a nightmare to clean. 

Especially if you live in an area with hard water, limescale build up is inevitable. 

And the longer you leave it the worse it gets. 

But what if the secret to getting rid of water stains is already under your kitchen sink.

Cleaning fan Leanne shared her hack for getting rid of water stains in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Stop. You're gonna wanna hear this.”

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The cleaning fan said she had heard of the hack online and wanted to see if this worked.

She said: “People are going crazy on the mums who clean website for this hack. Let's see if it works.“

Leanne says people have started using rinse aid to get the water stains off their shower glass.

First the cleaning fan uses her shower to wet her shower door. 

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Next she goes in with the Finish rinse aid. 

The cleaning fan uses a micro fibre cloth to rub this in all over her shower glass.

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After this she washes off the rinse aid with some water and like magic the hard water stains are gone.  

Leanne said: “My verdict is that this does work. To be honest I am impressed.”

Leanne’s video gained over 185,000 views. 

One user said: “Rinse Aid is like concentrated windex. I make my own window/mirror sprays using it. Same colour also.”

Another said: “I mix it with a teaspoon of washing up liquid top up with water in a spray bottle.”

“I do this even with my inside windows,” a third viewer confessed. 

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A fourth commenter said: “Can’t fault the logic thanks!”

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