I used to cake on make-up, now I know less is more – but people say I’m so pretty it’s like I’m still chucking it on | The Sun

A WOMAN who used to cake make-up on and wear massive false lashes has shown off her new look, after coming to the realisation that "less is more".

Laksika took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself as she used to look – wearing a white vest top, with her long hair sleek and straight and a full face of make-up.

She'd also added lipstick, and big lashes.

"When I realised fake lashes and heavy make-up wasn't for me anymore," she wrote over the top.

Laksika then showed how she looks now, with just a slick of lip gloss, eyeshadow and mascara, with no falsies.

She'd also curled her hair.

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"Less is more," she added in the caption.

But the comments section was quickly filled with people insisting that there wasn't much difference between the two looks.

"Heavy makeup is still there! Looks beautiful tho," one wrote.

"The only difference is the lashes?" another questioned.

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"Second photo looks more makeup than the first one," a third commented.

Others insisted that the only reason people thought Laksika was still wearing make-up in the 'after' picture is because she's so naturally attractive.

"Imagine being so pretty that everyone thinks you’re still wearing heavy make-up," one wrote.

"It’s literally a natural soft look? She’s so stunning she’s making you think she had to do a lot of make-up," another added.

"How can’t you see the difference??" a third commented.

"It’s a completely diff style of make-up. It’s a lot softer, looks amazing."

"Why are soo many people hating? She looks gorgeous! Ohh I guess that’s why," someone else wrote.

"100 times better," another praised.

"Tbh, you a 10 either way!" someone else commented.

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