I used to get bullied as a kid for having a moustache – I decided to take drastic action, it was the worst idea ever

THERE'S no denying that kids can sometimes be the meanest people – and nobody knows it better than this woman.

TikTok user Mariam Merchant, from New York, revealed that as a kid, others would often make fun of her moustache.

According to Mariam, the bullying got so out of control that she decided to resort to drastic measures.

''Instead of just shaving it off,'' she said, ''I decided to burn it off with a candle.''

She then also uploaded a snap of her as a kid – aged six – with a burnt moustache.


Despite some finding it amusing, others said it was ''sad'' and ''upsetting'', with one wondering: ''I don’t understand kids who bully other kids.

''I never even had a THOUGHT of bullying someone else as a kid.''

Mariam isn't the only one to have gone through this, as supportive users told their stories.

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''I was bullied for the same thing, I'm so sorry.

''You were and are beautiful.''

''I put white concealer over my mustache but it ended up showing so much more but still Wore it everyday,'' read another comment.

''I used to get bullied for this too,'' wrote a viewer.

'' I still shave my arms and face bc of kids in elementary school, this is so sad.''

Someone had a different method: ''I ‘waxed’ with every single sticker on fruit I could find.''

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