I'm a cleaning expert and this is how to clean your sofa in four simple steps – and it’ll smell better than ever

A CLEANING expert has revealed how you can deep clean your sofa and ensure it smells fresher than ever in just four simple steps. 

Carolina McCauley, an Australian who has built up a loyal fanbase on TikTok thanks to her cleaning hack videos, recently shared a video under the caption: “How to clean and deodorise your couch.” 

The cleanfluencer, who has 2.6 million followers on the social media site, then goes on to demonstrate the process step-by-step, showing just how easy it is to achieve.

In it, Carolina explains how all you need is some warm water, baking soda, a damp cloth, a hoover and some rubbing alcohol spray. 

First, Carolina sprays the sofa with warm water using a handheld bottle. Once the sofa is slightly damp, she says it’s time to “sprinkle [it] with baking soda.” 

After applying a liberal amount of the household item that can be found in kitchen cupboards, Carolina uses a damp cloth to work in the powder to the fabric. 

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Once fully dried, it’s time to use your hoover to suck up the excess powder and make sure it’s all removed. 

The last step of the simple process is to “use rubbing alcohol to finish” by spritzing directly onto the couch. 

Carolina then promises it will be spotless and smell fresh and fantastic – and her fans certainly agree. 

The video has already amassed over 3500 likes, with lots of cleaning fans tagging in their friends to spread the word further. 

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This comes after Aussie mum-of-two Carolina recently revealed how keen cleaners can get their oven sparkling without minimal effort. 

In a popular video, Carolina explained that she places the dirty oven racks in a piping hot alongside two dishwasher tablets and left them to soak for up to three hours.

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She revealed: "Here's my secret hack for cleaning oven racks without scrubbing."

Yet again, fans were seriously impressed with the results of the quick and easy method and vowed to include it in their cleaning routine. 

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