I’m a cleaning fan and my DIY 50p super spray keeps spiders out your house all summer long | The Sun

A CLEANING fan has shared the cheap and easy way she keeps pesky spiders from coming into her house.

The DIY spray only costs 50p to make and promises to stop them from coming back all summer long.

Kamana Bhaskaran explained how you can make the savvy spray for yourself in minutes.

This comes after one Instagram user asked for a trick to get rid of spiders because they scared her toddler.

All you need is an old spray bottle – you can buy one from most DIY shops or online from sites like Amazon.

You could also clean out and reuse one of your old spray cleaning bottles if you've got any that are empty.


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Simply fill the bottle with water and then add in a few drops of peppermint oil and mix it in with the water.

You should spray the mixture around the outside of your house as well as around any windows, cracks and door frames where spiders might creep in.

"The peppermint smell repels the spiders," Kamana explained.

Not only is the hack really cost-effective, but it keeps your home smelling fresh, which is an added bonus.

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Fellow cleaning fans were amazed that the spray was only two ingredients and couldn't wait to try it out.

After sharing the trick on Instagram viewers rushed to the comment section to rave about it.

One wrote: "I'll try try this in a couple of weeks!"

"Just peppermint and water! I'll try it, thank you," another said.

And another joked: "I need to see it die before I waste my time."

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