I'm a former teen mum – I don't care if kids drop out of school & stay out all night, but paying rent is non-negotiable | The Sun

LOOKING back on it, we were in such a rush to grow up that we never properly appreciated the perks of being a teenager – namely, not having to pay rent or worry about food shops.

But for TikTok mum Kat Clark, these real world responsibilities are something she's teaching her kids very early.

In a viral video that's racked up over 410,000 "likes", the former teen mum listed the seven rules her daughters – aged 18 and 11 – have to follow while they're living under her roof.

First up, Kat said they have to keep the location tracking feature on their phones turned on at all times.

She explained: "Yes you have to have your location on. Will I check it? Probably not unless you’re running late."

What's more, Kat – who had her first baby when she was 17 – says she expects her kids to be as honest as her as she is with them.

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She continued: "I’m not going to bite their heads off but I also will do the same for them.

"So if they ask me a question about my past, I am 100 per cent honest with them and I don’t sugarcoat anything."

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Meanwhile, the mum said she has no issue with them going to parties – and by the time they're 18, they can stay out as long as they like.

She continued: "General rule of thumb is if you’re in grade nine, you’re home by 9pm.

"If you’re in grade 10, you’re home by 10pm and so on. Once you’re 18, I really don’t care when you get home."

On top of this, Kat makes sure that both her daughters have some sort of physical hobby so they're "not on their phones 24/7".

"You have to do a sport. Whether that’s dance, skating, surfing. Whatever, I don’t care," she said. "You have to do something to move your body.

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As for their education, the mum said she wouldn't freak out if her girls wanted to quit.

She added: "I’m actually really relaxed when it comes to school.

“If my kids want to drop out though, they have to have their business plan or a job."

Although Kat doesn't ban her girls from having boyfriends, she's made it clear that they "have to listen" to her opinion if she has any worries.

Lastly, the mum outlined her rent rules.

She said: "And yes, my kids pay rent as soon as they turn 18 or have a job.

"I was brought up in a strict household and snuck around. This is why I’m super chill with my kids."

Kat's video has been viewed by almost three million people – and fans praised her "cool mum" approach.

One replied: "100 per cent agree. I had to pay rent once I dropped out and got a job and I’m actually glad because I realised living isn’t free."

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Another added: "I find the more freedom you give children the more they learn to appreciate what they do with it. Instead of wanting to be sneaky about stuff."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Agreed with all except rent. You choose to bring them into this world and if they live with you they shouldn’t pay rent, they’re your kids."

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