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A GARDENING expert has revealed the fatal error people make which can destroy your lawn.

Many sun-kissed Brits will be dusting down their sunbeds and firing up their grill in their gardens as a bright warm spell continues across the nation.

As a result, many revellers will be eager to keep their backyard looking gloriously green as temperatures soar.

Jonathan Hill, director at leading turf-growing company Rolawn, has lifted the lid on how to maintain your lawn's aesthetic.

Speaking to the Mirror, Jonathan revealed: "When temperatures in the UK rise, mowing can actually cause stress to a lawn so it's often best to leave your grass to grow a little longer in these conditions.

"The shorter the grass, the less shade there is to protect the roots and therefore the amount of moisture held by them is reduced – grass that is too short will dry out."

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An increase in temperature can create heat stress – stunting the growth of grass.

This means you won't need to reach for the lawn-mower as readily as before.

Jonathan continued: "We often recommend that, during drought or particularly dry conditions, gardeners don't mow their lawns.

"Survival is more likely in a heatwave if you don't mow at all."

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However, when you do, it's important to adjust your machine's settings.

He said: "To avoid scalping the lawn, the cutting height of your mower should be increased during dry conditions.

"A higher setting will allow valuable moisture to be trapped, limiting evaporation and encouraging stronger, deeper roots to grow, which improves drought tolerance overall.

"When mowing, never take more than one-third of the length of the plant off in any one cut to avoid damaging the lawn."

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