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SUMMER nights in the garden are often ruined by pesky mosquitos trying to nibble at your skin.

It can totally ruin an evening relaxing in the garden, but thankfully gardening experts have revealed the six plants to keep them out of the garden.

Mosquitos are put off by certain scents, hence mosquito repellent smells so foul.

But there's a simple solution to banish them without having to smell yourself.

Eucalyptus plants are particularly strong in scent – and work great at deterring mosquitos and other insects away.

Chris Bonnet of Gardening Express said: “The Eucalyptus Gum Tree is also worth investing in.


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“This plant is well known for its insect repelling qualities thanks to its pleasant menthol aroma.”

Basil is a great herb to grow inside or outside so long as it gets plenty of sun.

The stronger the smell the more effective it will be at banishing mosquitos – soo try planting a couple to maximise the effect.

Chrysanthemums, or as they're most commonly known as 'mums', are highly effective at discourage mosquitos.

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Plus, the bright colours of the flowers look incredible during the evening sun.

These are best placed around a patio or seating area for maximum impact.

Mums secrete a natural toxin that acts as a pesticide, which is harmless to humans and garden wildlife, but can be toxic to cats. if consumed.

Another herb that works well against mosquitos is mint.

The overpowering scent ward mosquitos away in an instant.

Lavender is another great plant that not only banishes mosquitoes and other pests, but it is also incredibly easy to look after.

As an extra layer of protection, layer lavender essential oil onto your skin by mixing a few drops in with a body moisturiser.

Or, keep a lavender spray made of dried lavender and water on hand to spritz flying insects away.

Marigolds not only look cheerful but will make the rest of your plants happy thanks to their insect repellent properties.

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These multipurpose plants reduce slugs and snails from eating crops, and ward off mosquitos and flies with their fresh aroma.

Plant these striking blooms in pots and borders to keep bugs away and move the pots around where necessary to guard your seating areas.

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