I’m a hairdresser and we hate it when you wear certain clothes to appointments – it makes our job so much harder

IT'S easy to just shove a hoodie on if you're going to the hairdressers.

But the jumpers are actually one of the WORST things you could wear to the salon, according to one hairdresser.

Hairstylist Sami took to TikTok to share a video in which she revealed "what not to wear to your hair appointment".

First up – anything that conceals the neck, such as a turtle neck or a hoodie, as that makes the hairdresser's job even harder.

Likewise, long, dangly earrings are a no-no, as are layers, as they're a faff for the stylist to deal with.

"Wear a shirt you don’t care about," she concluded.

Commenting on the video, one person wrote: "Yet it is exactly all of these, every single appointment."

"I have a client who wears a velvet turtle neck every time," Sami replied.

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"Doesn’t matter the weather!"

"I tell her every time to not wear them hahaha i swear she’s got 50 of them," she added.

Someone else questioned why it matters what the customer wears, if they'll be wearing the protective cape most hairdressers give out before an appointment.

To which another person replied: "But if you wear a hoodie, the hood is gonna puff it out and make it harder to work with.

"And a turtleneck is higher up than the cape so it's exposed."

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