I’m a lazy mum to a six-month-old and sleep in a ‘playpen bed’ – I’m getting eight hours a night, all parents need one

A MUM has revealed how she has finally cracked getting eight hours sleep a night using a “playpen bed” with her six-month-old baby.

TikTok user @desireeanneee showed how she put a mattress in her daughter’s playpen so her baby can safely explore the area when she wakes up.

She uploaded a video writing: “When I get a full 8+hours every night because our bed is baby proofed.”

Desiree added that they have been going “6 months strong in our playpen bed.”

She added that she breastfeeds her baby when she’s tired or hungry and the tot just helps herself while her mum sleeps.

The mum also added a play section in the pen next to the bed with some toys for her child and said this also helps with “teaching independent play.”

Desiree said: “She does her thing while I do mine.”

She explained that the reason she doesn’t use a separate crib for her daughter is because she is a “lazy parent”.

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Many people were highly impressed with the set-up, with one saying: “THIS IS THE SMARTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.”

Another added: “You’re such a good mom keep it up!”

However, one wrote: “mine would’ve sat on my head” to which the mum replied showing that she does.

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