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A PERMANENT make-up expert has warned of the dangers of trying TikTok beauty trends without research or caution. 

From dyed armpit hair and applying your own semi-permanent lip liner to requesting permanent rainbow tattoos, social media platforms are flooded with make-up trends and beauty hacks, many of them permanent or semi-permanent.

But UK-based permanent make up practitioner Laura Kay, who is the founder of www.laurakaylondon.com, has urged social media users to be aware that just because a beauty trend has the seal of approval online, it doesn’t mean it's right for you.

According to Laura, such trends can actually lead to serious skin damage and complications – not to mention leaving you thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, the expert has shared the top five bizarre beauty trends you should think twice about if you're being tempted by a social media craze.

Faux freckle tattoos & ‘rainbow face tattoos’

Freckles across the ridge of the nose and cheeks have been made popular by the likes of Meghan Markle, and young people are increasingly looking to emulate her look.  


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But there's a big danger- as Australian Big Brother contestant Tilly Whitfeld, 21, found out.

She took to Instagram to warn how she was scarred and temporarily blinded after trying out a TikTok beauty hack that involves at-home acupuncture. 

"Please don’t make same mistake I did," she urged. “Please please don’t try any DIY or at home beauty procedures.

“I ended up in hospital with temporary loss of vision in my eye due to swelling and was very sick from the infection, not to mention my face was somewhat unrecognisable. Leave it to the professionals."

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Permanent tattoo artist Laura warned: "I would never advise anyone to get their face tattooed with freckles.

"Other than the odd beauty spot, I always turn people away with such requests.

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"There's a high risk you could be left with strange coloured dots on your face that merge into ‘splodge' over time.  

"If you want to achieve the appearance of natural freckles, use regular make-up rather than anything permanent, because when the pigment fades and migrates it could turn orange."

The expert also warns that on some occasions the ink will have been inserted so deep that it will not fade or lift and will retain a strong pigment which she warns looked "horrendous."

She continues: "This is often when people go to ‘scratchers’ who are in fact untrained and simply cause lasting damage to their client’s faces."

Do-it-yourself semi-permanent lip liner

Several famous accounts such as @jazrabarnes have racked up hundreds of thousands of views using Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow Long Lasting Get Tint, not on their brows, but their lips.

And according to Laura, you might regret trying the TikTokers latest favourite beauty hack.

"This new trend to give ‘plumped up’ lips may in fact sting upon application and unless you have a sturdy hand the finished result will be a wonky line," she says. "Not the flawless look you were hoping for."

I wouldn’t recommend bleaching your eyebrows because if bleach is in the wrong hands you can burn your skin. You might not lift the colour enough and end up with orange eyebrows

The permanent makeup expert also notes that on appearance, the final result will end up looking like you have hand drawn a lip liner using liquid eyeliner.

"Unless you are an expert in selecting the correct colour to match your skin tone, the line may also be much darker and whatever you do to try and blend it in with your gloss or how many layers you apply, it will be strikingly obvious," she says.

"Although this will fade, Maybelline’s gel tint is designed for brows only and even after a few days there is an appreciable tint to the skin."

Dyed armpit hair

One social media user, who posts under the acronym @caitlinandleahh, took to TikTok and revealed how she'd decided to dye her armpit hair rainbow coloured to surprise her partner.

"Though this trend may appear strange at first many Gen-Z are embracing this look to express and empower themselves.

But, Laura issues a cautionary warning.

"Your underarms are sensitive and protecting your skin can be a challenge," she explains. "There are also a few risks you should be wary of if you are thinking of trying the dyed armpit hair trend."

The permanent make up practitioner warns: "Leaving the dye on for longer than you should cause skin irritation, itching, soreness and even a burning sensation. 

"If you suffer from any skin conditions such as eczema, I would strongly recommend not to try this as you will just aggravate your skin."  

Bleached brows

Another trend that's gained attention thanks to Kim Kardashian's latest cover of Interview magazine is bleached brows.

“I wouldn’t recommend bleaching your eyebrows because if bleach is in the wrong hands you can burn your skin.

"You might not lift the colour enough and end up with orange eyebrows!

Laura points out that you could also ruin and damage your eyebrow hair – adding that it could snap off.

"In addition, bleaching your brows makes them look like they’ve almost disappeared so you lose the frame of your face and the natural contour it gives you," she explains.

I wouldn’t recommend bleaching your eyebrows because if bleach is in the wrong hands you can burn your skin

As for her top tip?

"Use a good quality brow groomer instead to define them in a natural way," she explains. "Or for beautifully enhanced brows try permanent makeup, such as, microblading for realistic natural hair strokes.”

Different coloured and different shaped nipples 

Krystina Butel, from Wakefield, previously appeared on This Morning and left viewers gobsmacked after revealing she's not only spent a huge £190,000 on plastic surgery in order to look like a caricature -but also has her nipples tattooed into a heart shape.

“Some people are opting for different coloured or different shaped nipple tattoos," Laura explains. "The most requested are red/pink inked heart shaped nipples or wanting to lighten up a darker areola. 

"Contrary to what you might think, it isn’t the heart shaped tattoo I would advise against as a practitioner.

"I think people should be able to express themselves however they want, but I do object to lightening up an areola from dark to light with natural pigments, as overtime, the nipple will look grey in colour."

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Laura goes on to warn that nipples and the breast area in general is highly sensitive so naturally the tattoo needle will cause a lot of pain.

"The area is also susceptible to skin infections and complications as the skin barrier is breached, so it's imperative you ensure it's the right decision for you," she explains.

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