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A CHILDCARE whizz has revealed which popular parents' move drives nursery workers insane – are you guilty of it?

Being a teacher, especially for the younger tots, is no easy task – but according to Jen Nicole (@jen_nicole33), a preschool educator, parents don't make this job any easier.

Fed up of the same mistake mums and dads make all the time, Jen took to TikTok, urging parents to change the habit.

''I have a sweet pea little message to all the parents out there of children of this age group.

''I'm a parent – I know how frustrating it is to send your child to school with things and not see those things come back home,'' she said in her video.

''They just go missing into the void, it's like a black hole.''

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Although Jen claimed to understand where the frustration came from, she begged parents to stop ''yelling'' at the teachers.

''Do you know what it's like on any given day in a classroom of 14 to 20 children? It's a war.

''They eat things, they try to flush things, they try to bite things – or people.

''They don't always use nice hands and feet,'' the expert added.

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Jen said that despite all the mischief going on in the classroom, the childcare pros were trying to do their very best – from keeping them happy to keeping the tots alive.

''I'm sorry sweet baby girl did not come home with her beautiful little pink bow that she tried to eat or flush six times today.

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''Get a new one.''

Thousands of TikTok fans flocked to comments to share their thoughts, amongst of whom were also other teachers.

One begged: ''Also, please don't send them to school with things they/you would be devastated if lost. Diamond earrings, baby blanket.''

Someone else added: ''Kids also trade things and a lot of trades aren't equal.''

Another educator wrote: ''The amount of messages I send home saying keep personal toys and items at home is ridiculous.''

A parent chuckled: ''My kid has lost two pairs of winter boots, two winter coats, countless gloves and hats. It's great.''

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