I’m apple shaped – I’ve got a belly & love handles bigger than my bum, but I don’t let that stop me wearing what I want | The Sun

A SIZE 18 woman has opened up about her body and how she’s learned to love the skin she’s in. 

Chloe Xandria, who is on TikTok as @chloe_xandria, said she has a lower belly pouch and love handles bigger than her bum, but that it will never stop her from wearing what she wants. 

The social media user, who wears a size 18-20 and regularly shares body confidence posts, uploaded a video in which she celebrated her curvy shape.

Standing in front of the camera in a casual black tracksuit and trainer combo, Chloe wrote: “POV: You have a lower body pouch & love handles that are wider than your a**.

“But you don’t let that stop you from wearing cute outfits.”

However, Chloe, who weighs over 16 stone, went on to explain in a similar post that that hasn’t always been the case.

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But she’s so thankful for her change in heart and now encourages others to embrace their body type too.

Chloe explained: “As you can see, I have some love handles, they kind of overpower the width of my bum.

“I also have a little belly and a little food pouch going on. 

“I used to see content creators and other people wearing these cute, trendy outfits and I thought I couldn’t because of my body type.

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“Then I thought about how little time we have on this Earth.

“I thought to myself, ‘Why am I spending years of the prime time in my life not dressing how I want and letting my body stop me?’”

Chloe went on to say how her change in mindset has given her a huge confidence boost – and encouraged other women to do the same.

She added: “Dressing this way has allowed me to feel peace in my body and at my size.

“By being afraid to dress how I want, I was feeding into the unrealistic, societal beauty standards.

“And I hope that stepping out of my comfort zone allows someone new to do the same.” 

Chloe’s followers were quick to commend her on her body positivity message and thanked her for speaking so passionately about a subject matter that resonated with them.

One wrote: “We’re the same weight and our body shape is similar in some ways but different in others. Bodies are amazing!”

A second said: “I’ve literally NEVER seen a human on social media with the same body as me. This was so healing, thank you.” 

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A third added: “You inspire me all the time girl.”

While a fourth commented: “Never felt more represented than now. Thanks. I’m working on the same, some days are hard but we are gorgeous.”

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