I’m plus size and love being big – I’d never wear shapewear to hide my curves and love that my man is a ‘belly guy’ | The Sun

A WOMAN confessed that she loves her curvy figure – even if trolls always have something to say.

Georgia Rose shares heaps of body positive content online and hopes to inspire others to love their size too.

The stunner recently shared a clip of herself trying on a glitzy red dress, which she captioned: "FYI: You don't need shapewear to pull a man."

She posed in the posh gown and proudly showed off her belly, leaving viewers amazed by her self-confidence.

But people aren't always so kind about Georgia's looks and often leave hateful comments on her TikTok videos.

In one clip, the plus size fashion fan donned a similar tight dress as her boyfriend grabbed her belly.


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The clip racked up 18 million views and thousands of comments, but many of them trolled her beau for being a "belly man".

One person jabbed: "He's lucky is she doesn't eat him."

But Georgia hit back at the haters, and replied to the cruel comment saying, "you need to watch your dang mouth before I eat you too."

Others supported the curvy queen, one said: "He loves you for you. Enjoy that because there's not a lot of men like that."

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And a second joked: "Does he have any brothers?"

It's not just online trolls who have something to say about her weight though, Georgia explained that she often gets dirty looks when she wears short skirts around older people too.

Despite the hate, Georgia remains confident and still loves showing off her belly, which she says is 'hot'.

She even tries to 'romanticise' her figure by sharing clips of herself in lingerie online.

Viewers called her body positive videos an 'inspiration'.

One wrote: "People just can't stand to see females happy."

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