Love Island’s Faye is ‘dismissive’ of others, Shannon needs reassurance & Jake is masking insecurity, claims expert

LOVE Island burst back onto our screens on Monday night and fans were given a first look at this year's islanders in action as they coupled up for the first time.

As always, the first episode makes for awkward viewing as the sexy singletons are introduced, with body language expert Mike Carter revealing exactly how the islanders were feeling deep down.

Sharing his initial thoughts on the guys and girls through analysing their behaviour, Mike suggests Faye Winter could be one to cause trouble this series as she can be "dismissive" of others.

He thinks Shannon Singh desperately needs reassurance, while tattooed hunk Jake Cornish is masking his "insecurity".

Here's what Mike had to say about this year's villa residents…

Faye Winter

For Mike, Faye is the one to watch when it comes to the drama in the villa this time round.

Viewers watched on as Faye was left fuming when she stepped forward for Aaron Francis, but he turned her down to couple up with Shannon instead.

Mike says: "When Aaron doesn’t pick Faye, her first reaction is to touch her hair. This is partly to bring attention to herself and partly as a means of reassuring herself. 

"We often touch our face or our hair when we are seeking reassurance and self-comfort."

Faye was then snapped up by Hugo Hammond and Mike says there was a tell-tale sign that proved just how "uncomfortable" Faye felt with his decision.

"When Hugo picks Faye, her breathing instantly becomes quite shallow – if fact she holds her breath momentarily.  It’s a sign that she’s very uncomfortable," he explains.

He adds that when Toby Aromolaran swooped in to steal her, her breathing "normalised" suggesting a "real sense of relief".

In the end, Faye was the cat who got the cream as she coupled up with northern lad Brad McClelland, but Mike reckons she's not putting all her eggs in Brad's basket just yet, as she's not 100 per cent comfortable with him yet.

"When Faye and Brad are initially chatting, she’s often fiddling with her hair.  This isn’t a flirtatious gesture, it’s a sign that she’s not yet comfortable in Brad’s company and seeks that reassurance by touching her own hair," he says.

"However, she does lick her lips and open her eyes wide on a couple of occasions when she’s with him later, suggesting that some sexual chemistry might just be beginning to ignite."

But while they may have had the first snog of the series, Mike warns fireworks could well and truly be on their way.

"Look out for Faye’s natural tendency to break eye-contact straight up (we refer to a '12 o’clock eye glance'). We generally associate this with boredom and a habit of dismissing other people quickly," he reveals.

"Faye's tendency to be dismissive could well feature heavily in future episodes."

Jake Cornish

Jake may have literally ran into the villa, but Mike isn't convinced he's as confident as he comes across.

In fact, he says Jake was "initially devastated" by only one of the girls stepping forward for him as shown by him "instantly folding his arms – a gesture which is more about giving himself a reassuring hug rather than about being defensive."

Mike adds: "Then he puts his hands behind his back suggesting that he feels his credibility has been stripped away from him."

He coupled up with Liberty Poole and things seemed to be going well, until Jake dropped the bombshell that something was missing for him when it came to the blonde.

And Mike suggests that's Jake's "insecurity" coming through, as he points out: "Notice how Jake’s foot is constantly moving when he’s talking to Liberty.  It’s a sign of nervous tension. 

"There’s a bit of insecurity here lurking behind a confident exterior."

Shannon Singh

Shannon failed to step forward for any of the guys, but paired up with Aaron when he picked her anyway.

"When Shannon and Aaron are talking, Shannon is constantly breaking eye contact suggestion that she's not yet comfortable in Aaron’s presence," Mike claims.

"Shannon tends to break eye contact to her left suggesting that she has more of a need to find reassurance from past events and memories."

Brad McClelland

Brad was clearly the favourite among the girls, with three out of five stepping forward for him when he walked into the villa.

Suggesting Brad is already top dog, Mike says: "When most of the girls stepped forward for Brad, there’s palpable tension amongst the other boys.

"Rather than wanting to immediately prove and assert themselves, they drop eye contact suggesting defeat and submission.  Despite the natural self-confidence most of the boys want to display, there’s a genuine underlying vulnerability lurking beneath the surface."

Mike says that the ego boost has given Brad an "additional confidence" early on, which he shows through "a tendency to keep his hands open and on view most of the time and his breathing deep and reassured".

Predicting all could be set to change, Mike adds: "It will be interesting to see whether that confidence continues through future episodes."

Kaz Kamwi

Kaz may have ended up with Toby by default, but the pair seemed to hit it off and were all up for taking on a game of dares during their first night in the villa, which saw Toby sucking Kaz's toes.

Analysing Kaz, Mike says she gives off a vibe that she wants to be protected.

"In her introduction, Kaz suggests that she likes to play a submissive role in her relationships. She is constantly fiddling with her hair – a gesture which is more to do with the desire to be comforted rather than an instinct to flirt," he explains.

"So she probably is looking for someone who can protect and give her the comfort she craves."

Although, picking up on Kaz's tendency to break eye contact, Mike warns: "When the girls were chatting towards the end of the episode, Kaz’s constant breaks in eye contact suggests a possible lack of honesty in what she’s saying."

Hugo Hammond

PE teacher Hugo appears to be the "most vulnerable" of all the boys, according to Mike.

None of the girls stepped forward for him, prompting Hugo to hide his hands and his tendency to constantly fiddle with his hands is a sign that he likes to "seek reassurance".

Love Island airs nightly on ITV at 9pm.

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