Man divides opinion with bizarre substitute for croutons in soup with many saying it’s ‘absolutely awful’ | The Sun

EVERYONE is partial to a packet of crisps as a snack, in fact, it's usually a staple for many Brits' lunchtime.

But one man has left people feeling queasy after revealing he uses them as an alternative to croutons in soup.

The UK man left people stunned after revealing he used Wotsits as croutons in tomato soup.

Posting to Reddit, the anonymous man asked users to help settle a debate on whether it was awful or genius to replace croutons with the cheesy flavoured crisp.

He wrote: "Settle an argument, Wotsits as a crouton alternative in your tomato soup: awful or genius?"

However, it seemed the feedback didn't help settle the debate with some disgusted by the 'awful' hack and others calling it 'genius' after hearing the reasoning behind it.


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Plenty of people were left horrified by the suggestion in the comments section.

Many blasted the meal as "absolutely awful" and "grim."

Another person said: "I wanna puke," after seeing the concoction.

"Croutons are crunchy. Wotsits will just disintegrate into sludge. Firm “no” from me!" another person commented.

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Meanwhile, a third commenter agreed, though they didn't completely write off the recipe. "I’ve found that food posts on this sub give me both a nausea and a curiosity," they replied.

However, there were some who thought it was genius and praised the creativity and recommend other crisps to use as well.

One person claimed: "Mini cheddars are better."

Another person added: "Hula hoops will work much better. They stay crunchy for a little while!"

"I would highly recommend quavers in tomato soup, a far superior crisp to Wotsits in my view," recommended a third person.

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