Mrs Hinch shows off her favourite mop with built-in solution which 'smells amazing' – and it’s reduced to £15 at Wilko

MRS Hinch has revealed her favourite mop which comes with a built in cleaning solution – and she says "smells amazing".

Cleaning queen Sophie Hinchliffe shared her love of the Flash Power Mop with her 3.1 million followers on Instagram stories yesterday.

Flash Powermop Starter Kit, £15 (reduced from £30), Wiko – buy here

The purple mop, which comes with a built in scent solution, retails for up to £30 – but is currently reduced to just £15 in Wilko, where it has hundreds of five-star reviews.

The device promises to "loosen and lift away even stubborn dirt, grease and grime" and looks ideal for people with tiles or laminate flooring.

Posting on Instagram, mum-of-one Sophie said: "I wanted to talk to you guys about the Flash Power Mop this morning.

"I really love this mop guys .. They are selling out really quickly in shops which doesn't surprise me at all.

"They are battery operated and if you actually use the rubber handle to either balance them or hang them up, they stay in place.

"I like how quick and easy this mop is to use with the ready made solution which shifts dirt really well and also smells amazing.

"The pads can be recycled using the TerraCycle scheme – which I'm really happy about".

Mrs Hinch also shared videos of her cleaning her Essex home, admitting her new kitchen renovation has left things a bit dusty.

She said: "These floors can be deceiving. Ever since we've had the Drive Thru installed, there's been loads of wall dust so I need to give the whole downstairs a once over so I'll show you what I manage to collect!"

Sophie then shared before and after pics of the mop, showing how much grey dust she picked up.

The Flash Powermop Starter Kit includes five absorbing pads, one bottle of fresh scent solution and four batteries.

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