Mum gets 10-year-old carpet looking brand new in minutes with £1 brush from B&M

CARPET maintenance may not be our area of expertise – but what we do know is, they cost an absolute fortune to replace when the time comes.

Well if you fancy a carpet refresh without the eye watering price tag, then you might want to get down to your local B&M ASAP.

That's right, the bargain superstore is currently selling £1 brushes which one savvy shopper used to revamp her tatty 10-year-old carpet – and the before and after photos are nothing to be scoffed at.

Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum explained: "Our carpets are about 10 years old and they're the standard ones you get in new builds.

"We've never changed them. They're not great quality and have short pile."

So when she got an alert from the B&M app that their ergonomic pet brushes – which would normally set you back £3.49 – were on sale for a quid, the mum thought she'd give them a go on her floors.

She continued: "Took a little while but I went round the whole house and I was very impressed.

"Felt a lot bouncier under foot and they looked like they'd been freshly laid."

The pet hair brush's metal bristles managed to get out any dirt that was lingering in the carpets as well as combing the fibres to make them look fresh.

Raving about the brushes to other members, the mum added: "[It's] probably better to brush them after you've hoovered so you don't get quite as much up but I did it beforehand."

The mum's post has since racked up over 800 "likes" and hundreds of comments from users desperate to try it themselves.

One replied: "I have this pet brush and my dog is scared of it. Good to know it will now come in handy!"

Another added: "I've used pet brushes to do this, it's great as I've got four cats!"

However, others warned the mum not to go overboard to avoid ripping out the fibres and making the carpet patchy.

"I'd be careful about using a carpet shampooer now," one wrote. "Could make it patchy cause you'll have pulled fibres out. Hopefully it doesn't, but I'd be mindful of that."

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