Mum reveals ‘genius’ trick for persuading her kids to eat fruit and veg by using Disney stickers

A MUM has revealed her clever trick for persuading kids to eat fruit and veg, and all you will need is some stickers

Sick and tired of her children shunning fresh produce, parenting blogger Jane Stine from Massachusetts, came up with a crafty way to encourage them.

She shared her cheeky hack on Facebook, revealing that she takes Disney stickers while grocery shopping to make fruit and veg seem more appealing.

Sharing a snap of a squash with a Pooh Bear sticker on, she wrote: “Here’s my best parenting hack.

“You know how kids always want Paw Patrol yogurt or Disney waffles or whatever? Bring your own stickers to the grocery store and start sticking.

“Today we’re having Winnie the Pooh brand spaghetti squash. It goes perfectly with Toy Story broccoli.”

Her post has since gone viral amassing over 10,000 likes and 61,000 shares from seriously impressed parents.

Commenting on the post one wrote: “Oh. My. Goodness. She’s a MF genius.”

“OMG that’s so smart!” agreed another, with a third adding, “This is some genius level parenting right here!”

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