Mum savaged for seemingly normal lunchbox over tiny detail – but can you spot what's wrong?

A MUM has been mercilessly trolled on social media over a tiny detail in her child’s lunchbox.

The woman had shared a snap of her kid’s food on a Aldi Facebook group, which showed it to include a sandwich, grapes, crackers with vegemite, yoghurt and popcorn.

She thanked the German retailer for its handy lunch box and container.

However, it was the Year 1 child’s ham and mayonnaise sandwich that had some members concerned.

One voiced concern over whether it was safe to serve a ham sandwich in a school lunch box during warm weather, claiming it could cause “food poisoning”.

“Never gave my children meat on their school lunches in the summer heat,” she wrote on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“Even if you put an ice brick in their lunch box it soon gets hot. What each class room needs [is] a small fridge so kids can put their lunch in.

“They won’t get sick if they go without just one food item, but could get food poisoning from meat that has gone off. Plenty of other food items you can use as substitute.”

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Another group member wrote, “Mayo on ham?!! Ew.”

However, hundreds were quick to defend the mum’s lunch firing back at the negative comments.

“I had ham sandwiches at school when I was a kid, not ice bricks, I lived to tell the tale,” one woman wrote.

“You look like you are from almost the same era as me. Bags hung outside the class all day. Only thing keeping our lunches cool was a frozen drink bottle and we all survived without food poisoning.”

The mum also added that the Aldi container helps keep sandwiches fresh.

“He hasn’t complained at all and they do seem fresh when he doesn’t eat them and I get them home. even with ham in them,” she wrote.

Many commended the mum’s balanced lunch box.

“Please don’t feel you have to justify yourself to the food police, they are rather ignorant — a healthy diet is about being able to have everything in moderation,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Do people still actually judge others on what they pack for their Childs lunch? Wow. Sadly, some children still get sent to school with NO food. PS: this lunch looks perfectly fine to me,” added another.

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