Mum uses £4 grout pen to make her stained and yellowing bathroom tiles look brand new

A MUM is raving about a £4 grout pen from Amazon which revived her yellowing tiles on a budget. 

She shared snaps of her worn bathroom, revealing she inherited stained walls after moving in to her new home.

The once-white grout had turned yellowish over time, giving the wall a dirty look. 

Rather than forking out to get her bathroom re-tiled, she decided to try and revive the tiles by using a grout pen. 

She picked up a pen, in white, from Amazon for £4, which is so popular it’s been named as one of the website’s top choices. 

The DIY fan shared snaps to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, and her post has racked up more than 1,000 likes. 

She said: “Thank you so much to the person that recommended the grout pen yesterday. 

“£4 on amazon and has literally made the tiles look brand new! 

“(I'd recommend getting more than one as I just want to go over them once more) but absolutely brilliant! 4 pound well spent I'd say.”

  • Unibond Grout Reviver Pen, Amazon, £4 – buy now

She added that she was “gutted” with the state of the tiles after moving it, but the cheap trick had “brought them back to life”. 

People are in awe over her budget transformation, with one person saying: “Look great. Which one is it please?”

Another said: “It’s amazing and so simple to use.”

A third wrote: “Thanks guys I need this.” 

While this person added: “I need this lol.”

And someone else wrote: "Never thought of that one will try it."

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