Mum uses a razor blade to get rid of baked on stains in her oven and it looks good as new

A SAVVY mum has revealed she uses a razor blade to get rid of baked on stains from inside her oven. 

After asking cleaning fans for advice over how to remove the burnt marks from the bottom of her cooker, she ended up using an unlikely tool. 

Rather than using traditional cleaning products, the Mrs Hinch fan used a single razor blade to gently scrape the marks off. 

She shared astounding before-and-after photos to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips New, showing off her squeaky clean oven. 

She said: “Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, the enamel isn’t scratched off thankfully. 

“Scraping very gently with razor blade is taking it off, looks better already.”

Fellow Hinchers praised her efforts, with some suggesting alternative methods for removing hard-to-budge stains. 

One person said: “Oh nice work hun looks amazing.”

Another recommended: “Try with a plastic credit card that way u wont scratch it.”

A third suggested: “Try with a 2p method.”

While this person wrote: “Elbow grease.”

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