My boyfriend cheated on me so I got stomach-churning revenge on his car – he drove with the windows open for months | The Sun

AN AGGRIEVED lover sought a stomach-churning revenge on her cheating boyfriend's car, who was forced to drive with the windows down for months.

Jacqueline Woods planted the "ultimate stink bomb" in her now ex-partner's vehicle after she discovered the unfaithful man had played her.

The cheating allegations came to light when the crafty boyfriend reportedly asked for a break from the relationship.

However, the Aussie mum's best friend knew better and revealed the man was having an affair with his co-worker.

Jacqueline told SBS Insight she was left fuming and subsequently conjured up the ultimate revenge.

She said: "The break he was having was with his junior apprentice."


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The scorned lover decided to tarnish his vintage car with a rancid stench.

Jacqueline claimed she placed an octopus from a marinara mix inside a cap and then hid it under a seat in his prized possession.

She said it was untraceable after it was hid in the ideal spot.

The car was then consumed with a disgusting odour from the rotting seafood.

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The mum said she immediately felt amazing after planting the nasty surprise.

She said: "I felt even better knowing he was driving around with his windows open for months."

Jacqueline added it was winter when she sadistically executed her revenge.

The unbearable waft forced her ex to drive with the windows open at all times, making most trips chillingly cold.

She said: "It made me feel wonderful to hear they were driving around with the windows down.

"He was miserable, it made me feel wonderful."

Her interview was posted online, which was widely received with thousands of people identifying with her story.

"I love what that woman did, and I also love that she feels good about it… you rock lady," a social media user said.

"I cut my ex’s beautifully ironed (by me) work shirt sleeves off only one sleeve on each shirt… and his black perfectly pressed trousers were elegantly slit on the side seam," one added.

"Just shows emotional immaturity, let him go – he did you a favour," another added.

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