Overheating in Your Sweats? These 18 Comfy Shorts Are Calling Your Name

18 Comfortable Shorts For When You’re Officially Over Wearing Sweatpants

I’ve spent an endless numbers of days in my favorite sweatpants, and while I can’t complain, my apartment (without air conditioning) is starting to heat up. I decided to shop for some comfy shorts and found an endless number of pairs that ended up on my wish list. If you’re also looking to replace your lounge pants with some comfy shorts to stay cool in, I’ve got you covered.

Ahead, I curated a list of 18 pairs that are perfect for wearing around the house — and everywhere else later on, too. Whether you’re looking for some cozy sweat shorts or a more lightweight linen pair, we have it all the here. Plus, prices start at just $13, so maybe you can get more than one. Keep reading to find your favorite pick.

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