Parents poke fun at their homeschooling efforts during coronavirus from oversleeping to threats of 'detention'

WITH home schooling taking place across the nation from this morning, parents have been sharing their hilarious stories online as they attempt to educate their children.

From classroom squabbles to showing up late, it seems that the day isn't starting off on the right foot for many during the coronavirus lockdown.

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And while it's a learning curve for the masses, parents from all over have been taking to social media to share their disastrous mornings, giving much needed comic relief to those in the same situation.

One parent admitted that tensions had been high in their household as they tried to kick-off lessons and it ended in suspension for both her pupils.

"Day 1 of home schooling, ten minutes into first lesson: Both children sent to their rooms for squabbling repeatedly," she wrote. "So this is going well."

Another revealed that the first day of home schooling hadn't quite gone to plan as both teacher and pupil missed their alarm.

They shared online: "1st day of homeschooling and both teacher and pupil are late. In fact teacher has overslept!".

It seemed that many children showed up late to lessons, with one parent admitting that detention could be on the cards for his daughter.

He joked: "Home schooling going well, daughter turned up for school today with non polished shoes and 3 minutes late, see some detentions flying out this week.

However, it's not just parents enforcing their children to wear their uniforms but in fact a handful of the children.

A father shared: "5-year-old is in her school uniform ready for daddy school. Her idea, not mine. #homeschooling #COVIDー19".

And while some parents are struggling to get their kids to work, others are becoming suspicious at how receptive their children are responding to their new roles as teachers.

"Home schooling began 50 mins ago," another penned. "He's currently sat at the dining room table, working *extremely* quietly. It's making me suspicious."

But it's not all work, parents are revealing that they're getting their kicks out of becoming the class clown too.

"Sent the boy upstairs to complete his first schoolwork tasks," a mother wrote. "His iphone is firmly in my possession!!

"Told him I'll be marking his work before he submits it to school. I won't! What a kidder eh?! ?#homeschooling #coronavirusuk #coronavirus".

Although it's only a few hours into the schooling day, one parent had a lot of praise for the nation's teachers and hilariously admitted: "An hour into home schooling and already wondering how teachers are not alcoholics."


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