Photographer Kelly Klein Shares Rare Throwback Photo of Carolyn Bessette on 21st Anniversary of Her Death

Kelly Klein is honoring her late friend Carolyn Bessette on the 21st anniversary of her death.

On Thursday, Klein, photographer, artist and ex-wife to designer Calvin Klein, shared an old photo of her and Bessette traveling, adding the hashtags #throwbackthursday, #berlinwall and #vintageshopping. The pair first became friends when Bessette started working as a public relations executive at Klein's then-husband’s fashion brand.

Bessette died on July 16, 1999 when the plane her husband, John F. Kennedy Jr., was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off of Martha's Vineyard. Bessette's sister Lauren were also on the flight during the crash, which killed all three.

Bessette and JFK Jr. married in a secret ceremony on an isolated island off the coast of Georgia in September 1996, three years before they died in the crash.

“John and Carolyn were magic together,” JFK Jr.’s friend Gustavo Paredes told PEOPLE in 2014. “She had an earthiness and a gentle fierceness. Together, they were whole.”

“John and Carolyn were wonderful people. They fell in love, they had a stunning, dreamlike wedding,” another friend, Sasha Chermayeff, later added. “I don’t know what would have come to pass had they not night died that night 20 summers ago — and no one does.”

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