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THERE has been a surge in the number of people doing home ­workouts, with thousands tuning in to stream PE classes with Joe Wicks.

Here, we look at ways to ease your post-exercise muscles, while our beauty columnist tests brow gels now that we can’t go to salons.


with Jane Atkinson

  • Weleda Arnica Cooling Gel , £7.95, 25g, – buy now

WELEDA ARNICA COOLING GEL is a natural pre- or post-workout aid to ease muscles. When massaged in, it uses the anti-inflammatory properties of arnica to stimulate blood flow to tired limbs while the cooling sensation refreshes them. I used it after a tough leg day – and I’d definitely recommend it.

  • Smoovall anti-chafe spray, £14.99, 100ml, – buy now

SMOOVALL ANTI-CHAFE SPRAY is a great way to stop the soreness caused by the combination of heat, tight clothes and movement. It works like deodorant to create an invisible protective layer on the skin. Non-greasy and no bitty residue. Great for runners.


  • Betteryou magnesium bath flakes, £3.95 for 250g, – buy now

BETTERYOU MAGNESIUM BATH FLAKES are a cost-effective way to indulge in the many benefits of magnesium chloride baths. After a long bath I was chilled out, my muscle aches had disappeared and my skin felt amazing. I use these or Epsom salt baths regularly.


with Gabriella Stein


  • Catrice, semi-permanent brow mascara, £3.79, – buy now

A semi-permanent brow gel that gradually tints your eyebrows with continued use. Has a smaller wand than most brow gels I have used but this made it much easier to get a precise application without getting excess product on my skin. Comes in five shades and a fantastic bargain buy.



  • Eyeko brow gel, £18, – buy now

Infused with keratin, ginkgo biloba and vitamins to nourish, strengthen and add volume to your brows. This gel gave my brows shape, a tint and they stayed in place all day. Not even a sweaty workout could budge them. My new day-to-day essential during a largely make-up-free lockdown. Comes in one shade designed to suit all.


  • Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel & Clear Brow & Lash Gel, £18.50 & £14, – buy now

Brow gel available in four shades. It was easy to apply and gave a precise shape. Although it gave the most definition of the three, the soft texture meant it was easy to blend out for a more natural finish.

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