Shoppers Swear This Drugstore Hydrating Serum Bests Even $100 Bottles

While the skincare world is a vast space, those with sensitive skin may have trouble partaking in all of its glory. Implementing new products can often be a gamble, with threats like acne, irritation, dry patches, and rosacea flare-ups ready to appear at the swipe of a new formula. The risks are even higher for those who deal with extremely dry skin on a regular basis, as applications of the wrong serum or cream can leave it feeling even more parched. 

That's where ultra-soothing formulas, like Avène's Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum, play the hero. Throughout it's two-month supply, the oil-free serum works morning and night to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier, boosting elasticity while minimizing the appearance of crepiness on very sensitive and dry skin.

Its main ingredient, natural spring water hailing from the South of France, offers many therapeutic benefits to the skin, such as 24-hour hydration and plenty of antioxidants. As Dr. Melissa K. Levin, a board-certified NYC dermatologist and clinical instructor at NYU Langone and Mount Sinai Hospital, previously told InStyle, "Avène's thermal spring water has a low mineral count with a low sodium count, which does not dry out the skin and is rich in silica, which makes the water soft and soothing." 

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The hydrating serum has won over people — some of which have been relying on the serum for years — with varying skin concerns across the board. It even comes highly recommended by professional dermatologists and aestheticians, according to reviewers. 

"I was introduced to this product by a medical aesthetician, which was my first clue this would be amazing," wrote one shopper. "I have severe dry skin and lots of food allergies that show up in my skin too. This product has been the best product I have used to combat that dryness. I saw noticeable differences in just a couple of days. I've used drugstore brands all the way to $100+ products, and this one takes the cake."

Those who struggle with acne and rosacea find the serum doesn't inflame their skin like most products they've tried, while those with mature complexions claim their fine lines and wrinkles have been smoothed out. That's not all: People on Accutane have called the serum their "savior" for combatting the treatment's overwhelmingly dry effects. 

Other newly converted Avène fans were blown away by how much smaller their pores were after a month of applications. According to one shopper, the product leaves you with an "instant glow," while another was happy to see "no tight feeling, no dry patches, no itching, [and] no redness," which they typically experience. 

The Avène's Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum is available on the brand's online storefront for $38 per bottle. 

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