Stacey Solomon shares hilarious TikTok as she celebrates end of first week of homeschooling

SHE may be one of the UK's biggest celebrities who boasts over three MILLION Instagram followers – but when it comes to home-schooling, Stacey Solomon is in the same boat as the rest of us.

To celebrate the end of her first week of homeschooling two sons – Leighton, seven, and Zachary, 12 -Stacey filmed a hilarious TikTok video that we're sure ALL mums can relate to.

Miming the words to Destiny Child's 'I'm a Survivor', the 45-second clip opens with Stacey lying on her living room floor underneath a pile of homework.

It then jumps to Stacey cleaning her kitchen floor with Leighton clinging onto her back before cutting to her "heavy lifting" a Daim chocolate bar while holding a VERY big glass of red wine.

But our personal highlight has got to be the mum-of-three – dressed in the cosiest fleecy tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt – singing the chorus to the hit song as she slides down the stairs of her Essex home.

Posting the clip on her Facebook page, Stacey captioned the light-hearted video: "When you get to the end of a week of homeschooling and you finally say goodnight to the kids."

Since posting the video on Friday, the TikTok clip has racked up over one million views and been praised by fans.

One replied: "Thank you Stacey that really made me smile- God knows we all need every smile we can get at the moment. Don’t think I’ll try the stairs- don’t need a broken hip!"

Another gushed: "Love Stacey, she truly is one of the girls."

Meanwhile, a third added: "Brilliant Stacey. You put a smile on my face. Thank goodness you are as nutty as the rest of us. Thank you. Stay safe."

Although Stacey started off the week with the best intentions, she's been open with her fans about her homeschooling difficulties.

On Wednesday, the mum-of-three admitted she'd forgotten to give her sons lunch as she struggled to stick to the colour-coded timetable she'd made.

And as Friday approached, the star joked that she'd "given up" on the idea of homeschooling completely after baby Rex screamed through one of her lessons.

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