Striving For "Glass" Skin? This Peach & Lily Discovery Kit Is All You Need

Striving For “Glass” Skin? This Peach & Lily Discovery Kit Is All You Need

“Glass” skin, a Korean beauty trend that emphasizes dewy, near-reflective skin, took hold of beauty enthusiast’s hearts the last few years and has ceased to let them go. Achieving glass skin does not require loading up on highlighter to make the face look luminescent: rather, it’s about getting a clear complexion.

For those of us who have far from perfect skin (like myself), the thought of attaining this trend seemed far from reality. The same was true for Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily. Yoon struggled with severe eczema her whole life, and because of her skin’s specific needs, she decided to create a beauty line that was complete with transformational products fit for all skin types. With an emphasis on the latest K-beauty trends and innovations, Peach & Lily offers everything from a cold brew cream recovery stick ($28) that de-puffs and rejuvenates the eye area to peach slice deep blemish microdarts ($9) that rapidly treats breakouts.

One of the brand’s most beloved products is the Glass Skin Discovery Kit ($39), which gives you everything you need to achieve clear and dewy skin, all while developing a healthy and easy skin-care routine. The kit comes with the brand’s best-selling products that help you build a regimen, regardless of your skin type or concerns. This four-step regimen includes a hydrating gel cleanser, wild dew toner treatment, glass skin serum, and a matcha-infused antioxidant cream.

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