There are 66 films hidden in this fiendishly tricky puzzle – so how many can YOU spot?

AS WE approach the sixth week of lockdown, many of us would have made our way through a fair amount of films.

But have you binged watched enough to be able to spot all 66 films in this fiendishly tricky new brainteaser?

Shared by Popcorn Garage, the creator is challenging netizens to spot all the famous flicks in this garage scene.

While some will immediately jump out at you, others are much harder to spot with only true movie aficionados in with a chance of finding them all.

The films transerge all tastes and genres, so whether you’re into rom-coms or a slasher superfan you should be able to identify a few.

Consider yourself a movie buff? Give the quiz a go! Answers can be found below.

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