These Shades Will Upgrade Any Grocery Store Run

Ask anyone their key component to an outfit, and responses are sure to differ. In this current winter climate, there are only a few places we are leaving the house to go to. But, when you’re on a groceries run and you need a distraction from the fact that you’re fresh out of bed and put in zero effort? Statement sunglasses can be a life saver.

Keeping up with street style has proven to be the best way to stay on top of sunglasses trends. New styles are introduced, or revived, constantly: Mirrored lenses, particularly in bright colors, are the perfect pool-day companion; the “John Lennon” style to satisfy your hipster needs; the infamous tiny frames trend (which seems to recirculate the most, love or hate them); and aviators (a permanent, never-to-disappear look at this point).

If you’re looking for bold eyewear options currently, you’re sure to find them. For starters, many brands have now put their own spin on the mask shade trend. Additionally, Gucci’s Spring 2020 runway show was a not-so-subtle foreshadowing that sunglasses chains were about to take over the season (Paris Fashion Week street style kicked off the trend).

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While, like many of you, we’re self-quarantining for the winter, it’s never too early to start daydreaming about your spring and summer wardrobe. Soon enough, social distancing will again become socializing, and any of the sunnies below are worthy of making your debut look.

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