This $8 Body Wash Cleared Up My Bacne For the First Time in Years

This $8 Body Wash Cleared Up My Bacne For the First Time in Years

I’ve spent years agonizing over my body acne, especially on my back. I’ve finally come to a place where I’ve learned to accept it and deal with it. That hasn’t stopped me from looking for the right product to calm down my skin, however. Throughout my decade-long journey, I’ve tested tons of products and tried weird things to fix it. I’ve experimented with never letting wet hair touch my back, wearing tank tops to bed, putting toner on the area, and applying just about every drugstore acne body wash on the market — nothing ever worked and I was exhausted from trying. For the past year or two, I had given up. I didn’t want to test anything new.

Then one day, I was shopping online and came across the Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap ($8). It caught my eye because it was one thing I haven’t tried it yet. I’m also a fan of the brand, and after one look at the awesome reviews, I was convinced. Nothing sells me more on a product than customer testimonials, because knowing that someone else has bought and loved a product makes me feel like I’m getting something effective before it evens arrives. As I read through them, I noticed more and more stories that sounded just like mine. On Ulta’s site, it currently boasts that 91 percent of buyers would recommended it to a friend, so I bought it.

My back acne ranged from a lot of small whiteheads and blackheads to having a few larger cyst-like ones at a time. I would notice how bad my breakouts were in the shower because I could feel so many bumps on my back. Within just five days of using the body wash, I noticed the bumps starting to fade, and I was shocked. Finally, some results. It’s been a little over a month since I started using it, and while my bacne isn’t 100 percent gone, I can say it’s the best it’s been in years. When I shower and wash my back, I don’t feel constantly irritated bumps. My skin actually feels clear, flat, and less agitated than ever.

I still struggle with breakouts, but this product has not only made them so much better, it’s also helped me feel less stressed about it, too. Keep reading to see my before and after photos, then shop the product yourself.

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