This Guy Just Did 2,400 Pushups in 11 Hours

With all sporting events canceled until further notice, athletes are finding different ways to pass the time; Olympians are continuing their Tokyo 2021 training while stuck at home and minor league baseball player Tim Tebow is working on his gains. But what about the sports fans who like to place a bet?

Luckily, the world of online fantasy sports provided some wager-worthy entertainment this week, when Peter Christensen, aka @draftcheat, bet FantasyLabs founder Jonathan Bales that he couldn’t do 2,400 pushups in 12 hours or less. The requirements of the challenge meant that Bales had to complete every single rep on camera so that his performance could be verified, so the challenge was live-streamed on Twitch.

[email protected]’s Pushup Challenge is LIVE…

• 2,400 pushups
• 12 hours
• More than $1M in bets

Each pushup had to be done to satisfactory form, and so prior to the challenge beginning, Bales posted a video in which he cranked out several effortless-looking reps so that viewers could assess his technique.

When the 12-hour clock began on April 2, Bales started doing his pushups in sets of 6 at a time. As the day progressed, he dropped that to sets of 5, and then sets of 4 for the home stretch. He met his target of 2,400 well under the 12-hour mark, coming in at 11 hours and 5 minutes.

“This was a pretty good line,” he said. “I probably could’ve done a hundred or two hundred more… I was going to do higher reps, but everyone suggested not to do that. After the long break [5 hours in], I could’ve finished faster but I thought I might get injured. I was feeling like I was going to tear my bicep.”

While the original bet was for $2,000, the live-stream soon attracted upwards of $1 million in online bets, prompting Bales to pledge some of his winnings to charity. “We’ll be giving some of the money to COVID-19 relief,” he said.

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