This Woman Got High Before Doing the Tiny Face Makeup Challenge, and I Am Inconsolable

Sure, looking at all of the photos from the #TinyFaceMakeupChallenge is funny, but watching some of these transformations happen in real time is a million times better. Especially this take on the challenge from YouTuber Brandi Fernandez, aka Brandi TV, who decided to film herself as she underwent the transformation after some edibles.

The challenge itself sees participants covering the lower half of their faces with scarves before painting tiny mouths and noses around their nostrils with makeup to create the illusion of them having a smaller face, and it began to take off on social media after Jaime French shared her take on the challenge via Instagram. In Fernandez’s video, which was shared on May 10, she begins by eating an entire bag of cannabis-infused popcorn (and a gummy to really set things off). As you could probably guess, things only get funnier from there.

Fernandez, of course, encounters a few speed bumps throughout her tutorial — like forgetting how to even draw a face, having to pluck some stray hairs out of her nose before drawing her mouth, and even taking a (very) brief intermission while her neighbors fought over nachos — but everything turned out alright in the end. Watch her full video above.

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