Tricky brainteaser challenges you to find the umbrella hiding among the ostriches – can YOU find it within 45 seconds?

WITH the glorious heatwave over Brits are back indoors and bored scrolling through Netflix again. 

If you were looking for ways to keep your mind busy, why not test yourself on this tricky brainteaser. 

People are being challenged to find an umbrella hiding among a gaggle of ostriches.

The black-and-white birds perfectly camouflage the umbrella, and you’ll probably need to look for a real umbrella too with rain predicted across the UK for the next few days. 

The challenge was devised by, who said: “Just how fast can you spot the hidden objects?”

Brits are given a time limit of just 45 seconds to locate the umbrella, but if you didn't manage to find it in the time frame, fear not as we’ve included the answer below. 

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