Wait, So Long Island Iced Tea Is Now the Inspiration For a Spring Hair Color Trend?

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I know not everyone can spend the ⏰ & ? to have me do LIFE CHANGING color on them! ? Sooo…(pause for dramatic effect)…?…I’m excited to announce my new partnership with @clairolcolor ! We are going to help make your home hair color experience easy AF. Stay tuned for my tips on how you can get the most out of Clairol products! I’ve been working on simple methods for you that will allow you to achieve great results with minimal effort. I have something coming for everyone. (Even if you frequent the salon!) MONROE: On @monroecline I used the Nice N’ Easy line in shade 8A. This is a @clairolcolor permanent color range. It’s meant for overall use, and it allows me to lighten up to 2 shades or darken up to 2 shades. I also really liked that the formula felt creamy and conditioning! ?? If you have gray in your hair, this range will cover it ? % As you can see on Monroe, I love that I am able to get a natural looking color, that is multidimensional, and not flat like other box dyes. MY TIPS/HACKS: 1. If you have gray in your hair , always apply the color to your gray areas first! 2. Monroe is a baby boo so she doesn’t have gray! (yet) I wanted to use a lighter color to lighten up her brown by 2 shades. I chose 8A Nice N’ Easy. 3. I added the color to Monroe’s face frame area and her ends first. (See video!) I let that sit for 15 minutes so that it would get slightly lighter than the rest of her hair. Then I went ahead and worked the color all over her hair for the last 10 minutes. 4. If your hair has previously been colored dark, it will not lighten well with color. You will need a bleaching process to remove some of the dark color first. If your dark hair is natural, you can use hair color to lighten it. 5. As with all hair colors, always do an allergy test first. (this line has simple directions for testing inside of the ?) ? ✌? PS please LMK if my excessive emoji usage improved or worsened your day. #niceneasy @clairolcolor

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You’ve heard of the drink Long Island Iced Tea, but did you know it’s now the inspiration for a new hair color trend? In the world of beauty, anything is possible, like beverages you enjoy at the beach becoming a hair color for the upcoming season.

“I love this color for Spring because it gives a bright, reflective vibe to your hair without the damage that comes from adding highlights,” said Jeremy Tardo, celebrity colorist and Clairol Color ambassador.

To achieve it, he explained you should add color to the pieces framing the face and ends first. “I let that sit for 15 minutes so that it would get slightly lighter than the rest of her hair. Then I went ahead and worked the color all over the hair for the last 10 minutes.” The hair color is great for brunettes who want to add more dimension to their look while still keeping it natural looking and playful.

Anyone can hop on the Long Island Iced Tea hair bandwagon, but the shade really lends itself to darker hair. “The best candidate for this trend is a brunette who feels like their hair is looking dull or flat in tone,” said Tardo. “This color adds iridescence to the hair, which catches the light beautifully in photos.”

Tardo added that if your hair has been previously colored a darker shade, you may need to undergo a bleaching process to lift that color before the lighter brown color can be added. If your hair is naturally dark, you should be able to lighten it using hair color.

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