Weekly horoscope for July 12 – July 19 – your week ahead according to Kerry King and her tarot cards

EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here’s her predictions for YOUR star sign…

ARIES (Five of Wands, The Emperor, The Sun)

A huge breakthrough is possible this week, if only you’d focus on the thing/s that trouble you the most.

The Five of Wands shows there is a fly in your ointment right now, and instead of tackling it, you’re avoiding it.

I understand why, but it’s not getting resolved by itself.

Can I encourage you to address this matter, this week?

Let me tell you why… The Emperor and The Sun are a magical combination of cards which promise that your efforts will be rewarded.

Richly! If you take the lead, take control, and make moves to resolve this situation, the Universe will more than meet you halfway.

The Sun is the tarot’s most positive card: promising joy, success, prosperity and fulfilment.

It’s like there’s a shimmering portal ahead of you, leading to a land of milk and honey.

You just have to have the confidence to step through it.

So, don’t delay any longer. Sort this out and move on to better times.

TAURUS (The Moon, Two of Wands, The Fool)

You are right on the brink of making a fresh start that has been a long time coming!

The Fool is the first card of the tarot and its patron saint of new beginnings.

Ones which are fuelled by optimism and enthusiasm, even if others raise an eyebrow.

Like most things, Taurus, you’ve been pondering on this for a while.

You don’t make decisions lightly, you love to analyse all the options, and this thinking work is coming to a close now.

You are ready. Well, nearly ready.

I say that because The Moon asks you to just hang on a sec.

There’s something important you need to know that you don’t yet know.

Information or news will come to light this week (particularly if you ask the right questions) which will help you enormously and if you set off without discovering it, you could be heading in the wrong direction. So, don’t act just yet. Do more research.

GEMINI (The Lovers, Six of Wands, Six of Swords)

The Lovers is your star sign’s tarot card, it represents Gemini, and it reflects the duality of things- that conflict or indecision we so often feel.

A head vs heart situation. You are in that headspace right now, feeling confused about how you truly DO feel and what, therefore, you ought to do next.

Here’s a clue: move on.

The Six of Swords is a “departure card”, showing that you’re ready to expand, to broaden your horizons, to leave the scene and explore new landscape.

What you’ve been experiencing are growing pains, and they’re trying to get you to move onwards.

The Six of Wands says you have nothing to fear from this. It’s a victory card, and shows that your courage in making changes will be rewarded, and that all of this is happening for a reason.

Don’t dig in and cling to the old… be brave and hopeful and march towards the new!

CANCER (Ace of Swords, Ten of Cups, Ten of Wands)

Something has been building up in your relationship landscape, it has already grown from a molehill into a mountain and the Ten of Wands shows that it could peak this week, and overwhelm you.

Why let things get on top of you, Cancer? Why suppress what must inevitably come out and be tackled anyway?

The Ace of Swords shows that the sooner you can have an open and honest dialogue about what’s happening and how you feel, the better.

Make this a priority this week. Prepare your “speech” and execute it calmly.

Then sit back and listen to what they have to say too. It’s likely you don’t have the full picture, nor do you see their point-of-view just yet.

Don’t overreact to anything, take it all in, absorb what’s been said. Consider.

The Ten of Cups is a super-positive omen that this talk will clear the air and help to restore this relationship back to its best.

This person is too important to you, and they feel the same way.

Work through your issues, get it all out on the table, examine each other’s perspective, and feel so much better and “cleaner” for having done this.

It’s time to pop the spot!

LEO (The Empress, Eight of Swords, Three of Swords)

You do have a tendency to over-dramatize things sometimes, Leo, and we all kind of accept that, it’s part of your big, bubbly personality.

Not sure it’s serving you so well this week, though, because the problems you want to tackle ARE real, and don’t warrant being blown up any more.

The Empress shows that it’s your closest bond (partner, family, or best friend) that is under the spotlight.

Someone you adore, and who adores you too. But there is a problem.

The Eight and Three of Swords shows that there has been a repeat “pattern” in this relationship, a damaging one.

We all get into ruts, we all take up positions with others, which are then hard to break out of.

But this hurts you both, and you’re both tired of the dynamic. Don’t you want things to be different and better?

The first step is to become self-aware of this, and to acknowledge the role you play in upholding this dynamic.

The next step is to share this with the other person, in a non-judgmental and compassionate way.

Talk about the relationship in itself, vs what you did or they did.

If you want to fix this, you must bring it to light first of all, and that starts this week.

VIRGO (Three of Coins, The Chariot, Queen of Wands)

These cards are remarkably similar to last week’s cards, so I feel like you are continuing whatever you began last week.

The theme is taking steps, movement, progress, even literal travel or location change.

This is marked by the powerful card, The Chariot, which is all about focus with intent, and making headway in something, often linked to a change of “place”. Are you thinking of moving?

The Three of Coins shows that others are buying in to your mission, and are in a position to help you, so be open and willing to listen to advice, accept help, or even an opportunity to step up and get greater rewards.

A work promotion could be on the cards!

The Queen of Wands reinforces the Chariot’s potent, action-orientated energy.

She loves to take risks, be dynamic and direct, fulfil her ambitions, and travel.

She is an adventurous character, and she is lending you her boisterous energy this week to make something big and bold and exciting happen!

LIBRA (Three of Swords, The Magician, Four of Cups)

If left entirely to your own devices this week, Libra, the Three of Swords and Four of Cups show that you could drift into emotional, unhappy territory: dwelling on something sad or regretful you did or was done to you.

Why do this to yourself? The “event” is long gone, and the consequences have already played out, so don’t pick at the scab.

How to avoid doing this? The Magician shows that you need a big injection of mental stimulus.

A new project or challenge. Something cerebral, interesting and inspiring.

Solving a tricky puzzle, learning a new language, adopting a new craft or skill, creating designs to redecorate your bedroom, a push to scribe a poem or short story.

Whatever little mental exercises get you going, and distract you from emotional ”sad stories” from the past.

We all are capable of being our own worst enemy and reminding ourselves of stuff we’d never bring up to our friends.

Just don’t do it. There’s nothing new or useful to be gleaned from staring at the past.

Refocus on the “now” by setting yourself a meaningful and motivating challenge. 

SCORPIO (Three of Wands, Eight of Wands, Six of Cups) 

Someone from your past is back, big time, this week, so get ready for a trip down Memory Lane.

The Six of Cups is the “nostalgia card” of the tarot and always signals the return of something important and affectionate from your youth or childhood.

The Three of Wands shows this person (or activity / place / event) surfaces via a social bond.

So maybe you’re re-introduced or reminded by a friend, or a friend of a friend.

It is something that someone else brings up (or brings along…).

The Eight of Wands shows that this is swiftly followed by a flurry of communication.

Perhaps it’s a friend (or an ex…) and you’re dying to catch up and reconnect.

Perhaps it IS a place you’d forgotten, and you’re keen to revisit yourself, in your own time.

Perhaps it’s an activity or hobby that you then research how to pick back up.

Keep your eyes peeled this week. A return is on the cards. 

SAGITTARIUS (Page of Swords, The World, Knight of Swords)

This quest or goal you’ve been pursuing isn’t going to just land in your lap all by itself, and you know this.

The World shows you have an important and life-changing mission on the go, something you know will be fulfilling and rewarding (you’re right) but that requires the end of something in your life, in order for it to happen.

You’ve been hesitating because this IS a big decision, as shown by the flip-flopping Page of Swords.

I understand your caution, BUT if you linger in this limbo place then nothing will happen.

You’ll just drift, and eventually end up back where you began. Don’t.

The Knight of Swords wants action, commitment, bravery, and purpose to guide you this week.

Remember why you even had this dream in the first place, those reasons are still valid, and this mission is far from over. Get to it! 

CAPRICORN (Nine of Cups, Eight of Cups, The Hanged Man)

An enforced “limbo” phase, as shown by the unwelcome Hanged Man, is actually going to prove to be a good thing, Cap, so please don’t despair if things seem on hold and you’re not making progress.

The Eight of Cups shows that this forced reflection period will help you to see that something you’d been hoping for just isn’t quite right for you.

It’s probably not going to pan out as you hoped, and actually it’s because you’ve grown beyond it, and there are other projects, roles and opportunities with your name on.

Don’t get “stuck” on the loss, focus on what’s now to gain, because ALL of this has been preparation for something bigger, and better.

The Nine of Cups asks you to come out of this consideration phase with a new goal, and a dream.

It’s like a “pass” from the Universe, saying that you CAN have whatever your heart’s desire now is.

Accept what isn’t realistic, or suitable, any more (even though it hurts a bit), and refocus on what IS feasible, doable and even more exciting. Life is nudging you in a new direction. Let it.

AQUARIUS (The Lovers, Ten of Coins, Nine of Swords)

Commitment is a key theme for you this week, Aquarius. And it’s not usually a theme you like, because seeking freedom and space are your favoured states of being.

The Lovers shows how conflicted you’ve felt about this relationship or situation, it’s a head vs heart thing, and you could go either way (dig in, or bolt for the hills).

You need to put aside your reserve and talk about this with the people, or person, who matter.

The Nine of Swords shows that a lot of this disquiet has just built up in your head, and isn’t founded in reality.

Talking it through and expressing your fears will expose many of them as false or overblown, enabling you to tackle the real issues and identify the obstacles.

The Ten of Coins asks you to keep an eye on the “long game” here, think about where you want to be in one, two or five years time.

Does this action help you get there? Be prudent, talk about it, make a decision.

PISCES (Five of Wands, Four of Coins, Knight of Cups)

The Four of Coins sees the scales fall from your eyes this week, and you perceive a situation as it truly is (not how you long for it to be).

You are a romantic, an empath, and you give people second chances like they’re going out of fashion.

I applaud your “goodness”, but here it is damaging you.

This situation is not going to change, and it is what it is.

You need to see that. The Five of Wands shows that an argument or issue will bring it to the surface again, and that this time you won’t give them the benefit of the doubt.

This time you’re not putting up with it! Good for you, Pisces.

The Knight of Cups shows that other people have been observing this situation too, and that they are willing, able and ready to give you a lifeline out of it.

So, go see your family, spend time with friends, go off an adventure with someone sexy!

Make time for people who make you smile, and wave adios to those who don’t. At last.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at www.kerrykingtarot.etsy.com

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